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This is the official trailer for Cutting Corners, a documentary about the fight against unsafe construction. Winner of the 2021 Los Angeles Motion Picture Fe…

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Buying a home is one of the largest, if not the largest purchase someone can make in their lifetime. It should be a moment filled with happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, and a sense of home. This is the home you will raise your family in, the home where you will make and cherish memories, and of course the home you will spend a lot of your life in. So why are developers building houses that are unsafe to live in?

This is the focus of the documentary. How unsafe construction has affected the lives, and continues to affect the lives of Americans. Unsafe construction has caused people to lose their homes, their time and money, and in some of the worst cases: their lives. Although most of the focus in the film is in Philadelphia, we also feature several cities across America where this epidemic is also present.

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Although we mostly focus on many poorly managed construction sites, or demolitions that did not pull proper permits, that is not always the case. We also show the construction sites that were done properly, permits pulled, rules acknowledged, and the developers who followed best practices. We do want to support the positive side of the construction business and therefore plan on telling both sides of the story. This means that any photos or videos that we show don’t necessarily depict unsafe construction sites. They are merely examples of construction in general. Some are unsafe and done improperly, and some are not.

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